The Power of Social Media When You Have a Disability

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Sharing your stories and hearing others

Social media is essentially how the world stays connected with life in an online form. So, you too can become a link in this great online chain of experiences and accounts. One of the things that make living with a disability easier is to have a place to share your experiences, vent your frustrations and document your life. But, it’s also a place where you can discover other people’s perspectives with different disabilities.

Meeting like minded people who can relate to your experience

For me, one of the most positive aspects of being a blogger over the past four years is the online community I have discovered and the wonderful friendships I have gained. Through my blog and online work I have come across so many people from not just the disability community, but readers and supporters of my work with very different experiences who I truly value and love.

Something I have loved through making videos and writing blogs on living with Septo Optic Dysplasia, which is the name of my condition, is the fact that I’ve met so many people with the same condition as myself. It is such a comforting feeling to know that there are others in the same position as you and to know you are not alone.

Spreading the word about disability in a new way

With social media, you have the ability to be as creative as you want. So, if you want to say something about disability, if you want to change a stereotype or make people see you differently then you can do it in a creative way. Whether you want to make a YouTube video, write a blog or share a Gif on twitter it’s up to you. But, with social media it has the potential to circulate far and wide and receive a massive response if you strike a core with people and it’s new and dynamic.

Having your voice heard

Of course with social media, one of the things it gives you is a voice. When you join social media you instantly have a platform to speak. Naturally you have to follow the guidelines of the platform you are on, keep it friendly, positive, non derogatory and don’t make any hateful comments. If your local chain food store is inaccessible, use social media to share this with the company. If you want to share your thoughts on an article or a news piece that talks about disability, use social media.

Knowing about the latest news in disability

As a journalist, blogger and podcast presenter the place where I find most of my leads, stories and inspiration is online. When I want to connect with people, find a new story to run on my podcast or my Huffington Post column I get my fingers poised over the keypad and go online exploring. You can do the same thing too, if you want to find out about current affairs in the world and how it is affecting people with disabilities, that is where social media comes in.

Get involved with new campaigns

In these modern times a lot of charities, companies and organisations run campaigns on social media. Social media is key if you want to get involved with campaigns and share your thoughts to support these campaigns. Lots of campaigns call on you to send in your thoughts, tweet pictures, create content and so on.

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